Introducing the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective. In August 2020, Hutchinson celebrated 12 years of art, music, and community in the form of our beloved monthly gatherings, Third Thursday. In celebration of this anniversary, the HRAH Council introduced the Heartland Arts and Culture Collective (HACC). HACC serves as an umbrella title for the region to unite around its arts and heritage. The existence of an arts collective responds to a community-identified goal of greater opportunity for shared identity, action, and support. HRAH maintains a registry of the incredible Reno County arts and cultural network, including:

Musician + Performing Artists

Visual Artists

Regional Arts + Cultural Organizations + Venues

Arts + Cultural Educators

Audio / Video Professionals

HACC Community Arts Resources

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– Get Info, Share Info: Strengthening the Regional Arts + Cultural Network –

Online engagement with local artists, organizations, and professionals is a great way to strengthen and support regional arts and culture.

Connect with the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective and your favorite artists and arts and cultural organizations online.

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Heartland Heartbeat, Second Thursday

Online, Information Locations


Behind the Scenes, Tuesday following Third Thursday

Online, Information Locations 


Third Thursdays

Avenue A Park Gazebo + The Foxtrot


Third Thursday Tailgate

Tuesday following Third Thursday / The Foxtrot, 6PM


Community Arts Hallway

Normal Business Hours / Hutch Rec


Learn more about HRAH, the HACC, and Hutch Rec.


Tuesdays before Third Thursday

Third Thursday submission deadline


Thursdays before Third Thursday

Heartland Heartbeat release date

Third Thursday lineup release date


Third Thursday

Arts & Humanities Info Exchange @ Ave A Gazebo

Arts & Humanities Info Exchange @ Foxtrot Studio

Musician + Creatives Meetup @ Sandhills Brewing


Tuesdays following Third Thursday

Behind the Scenes release date

Third Thursday community meetup (Tailgate) @ Foxtrot

Upcoming Third Thursday submission forms release date

The Heartland Heartbeat is a monthly publication that shares news about arts and culture in our region. The Heartland Heartbeat is one of the ways arts and cultural communities seek to unite the public around its arts and heritage and increase the accessibility of creative community experiences.

Behind the Scenes can include monthly updates for artists, musicians, educators, professionals, and/or organizations and venues. Expect performance and professional development opportunities, industry and networking events, local product and service features, and more. 


April BTS 2022


Located in the downtown Hutch Rec office, next to Chester Plaza and The Fox Theatre, at 17 E. 1st Street.


-Display your creative work, share your information

-Drop off your arts and cultural news in the dropbox

-Post information on the community bulletin board


Every March during Third Thursday, incredible local artists kick off the outdoor season by painting live downtown at the annual Street Art event.


Paintings are displayed in the Community Arts Hallway for a year, and are auctioned in July at Third Thursday Arts & Eats. Funds support future arts and culture projects and events.

A walk-able collection of sculptures and murals downtown and around Hutchinson. SculptureArtWalk maps and are available at Hutch Rec and the Foxtrot.

blue, gold, and red sculpture with building in background

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