New collaboration around arts news publication: Heartland Heartbeat.

Heartland Heartbeat is an arts and culture news resource created by arts administrative leaders in 2021. Today, Hutchinson creatives collaborate on the curation and publication of monthly news with support from Hutch Rec. The Heartbeat is a project that supports the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective in achieving shared identity and action for arts communities. New issue coming August 11th.

Interested in contributing to the Heartland Heartbeat or sharing information about an upcoming event? Get involved! Share and/or receive information online, attend an upcoming event like Third Thursday or Tailgate, or inspire your own local arts meetup, initiative, or project. 

Meet the artists and collaborators behind the monthly Arts & Culture news publication.

Veronika Nelson

Veronika serves as the public Arts & Culture Programmer for Hutchinson and Reno County with a background in international industry-level music and theatre production and performance. On behalf of the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective, Veronika collects important dates and calendar resources to share in the Heartland Heartbeat, as well as overseeing collaboration and community support.

Jennifer Randall

Jennifer is a Hutchinson artist who travels the world and has played a central role in carrying on and starting new arts and cultural experiences, projects, and community initiatives. Jennifer shares her talent through written pieces in the Heartland Heartbeat, as well as creative development and community engagement.

Loribeth Reynolds

Loribeth is the Hutch Rec Marketing Director and long time lover of photography, music, and the arts. Loribeth supports Heartland Heartbeat's design and integrates important information about Third Thursday events.

Christopher Wietrick

Christopher has been a powerhouse for developing local arts and cultural projects and initiatives. In addition to his work starting our local love for Smallville, Christopher is an artist, writer, and coach for our community’s youth. Through Heartland Heartbeat, Christropher shares information about local events, featured artists, and of course, Smallville.

Jason Depew

Jason is a Hutchinson creative supporter of all kinds, bringing life to Hutchinson community through creative writing, sound, lights, design and more. Jason brings technical support and other creative development to the Heartland Heartbeat.

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