Equipment + Services


Audio and video production equipment, space, and support for artists and creative groups to make media, represent work online, and build community for small businesses to create marketing content and connect digitally with clients and staff for the community to connect with local professionals and resources for audio and video production


Basic PA System
for solo or duo acts, small performances

PA System with Mixer
for bands and recording artists, performances at events with 10+ people

Project [Connected] Kit
for easy, DIY audio and video recording or livestreaming



Amplified / Recorded Sound A
$275 / $440

For 1-3 people speaking or playing music at a time Solo or duo acts, small performances



Amplified / Recorded Sound B

$345 / $505

For 1-12 people speaking or playing music at a time

For bands and recording artists, performances at events with audiences of 20+



*Record audio: +$55 per hour

*Basic editing services: $35/hr



Record Video


Simple video recordings on high quality equipment

Raw files, does not include post-production editing services

Additional creative and promotional video production services available by referral



Livestream A

$315 / $475

High quality video to single or multiple platforms



Livestream B

$95 / $175

Livestream simple projects and events for your creative work or small business to a single platform




By referral, rates vary

Services include headshots, promotional, event photography, and more



Project [Connected] Kit (tripod, microphone for personal device)

Free to borrow, made possible by the Kansas Leadership Center.

Level up recording projects on your mobile device with a tripod, and microphone that connects to personal devices.


Microphone Packages

$11 / $22

Already have a PA system or speaker with XLR inputs? Rent a microphone, mic stand, and XLR cable. Microphone packages do not include technical labor.



Online equipment browsing and booking coming soon, send a message for current equipment and services.

Some equipment is available to borrow through Foxtrot programs.

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