Heartland Arts & Culture Collective (HA&C) - Arts Community & Industry Info Event

13 E. Sherman, downtown Hutchinson / July 21st, 6PM – 8PM

Visiting arts industry professionals at the Foxtrot Studio share information about Kansas arts

Throughout the year, arts industry leaders with diverse skills work together to support the health and development of the Kansas arts and music ecosystem and contribute to the overall health and development of Kansas communities, culture, and economy.


In celebration of Hutchinson’s Third Thursday event Arts & Eats, and the new Foxtrot Studio ribbon cutting, the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective brings in visiting guests to share about their work, collaboration, and dreams for the Heartland. Arts and cultural supporters, communities, students, and industry professionals are invited to the Foxtrot for information, networking, and fun. 


The Arts Collective looks forward to supporting future opportunities and experiences for our incredible, innovative, and inspiring communities.

Kate Van Steenhuyse

Visual artist, arts administration

Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (KCAIC), Harvester Arts

Kate and the KCAIC have supported the growth of arts and culture in the Heartland through celebration, empowerment, as well as administrative advocacy and action. Kate joins the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective to share information from KCAIC’s public art and mural making guide, answer other questions about Kansas arts, as well as strengthen networks and connect collaborators!

John Hale

Entertainment industry professional, technical theatre arts

Assistant General Manager / Dir. of Operations, Century II Performing Arts, ASM Global Management

John plays a central role in Kansas entertainment through his work with Century II and the world’s leading producer of entertainment experiences, ASM Global. John is a long-time lover of Kansas arts and culture, and connects regularly with Hutchinson and central Kansas aspiring and established professionals in performance, production, administration, and more.

Christian Vieyra

Audio engineer, musician

Vieyra Music Foundation, Foxtrot Studio, Music on Main

Christian has recently joined the Foxtrot team to bring his worldwide recording and performance experience to his home. After studying at the Universities of East London, Southern California, and Friends, Christian continues to offer music education and studio session services to aspiring and established musicians. Christian can answer questions about music, audio work, as well as the Foxtrot Studio and Music on Main programs.

Kelbe McGill

Behavioral consultant, non-profit legal services, arts and cultural administration

Reno County Education Cooperative, Horizons Mental Health Center

Kelbe brought exceptionally organized, empathetic, and grounded support to the administrative development period in Hutchinson and Reno County arts and humanities that created the Foxtrot Studio and Heartland Arts & Culture Collective. Kelbe’s passion and advocacy for the humanities continues to bring an essential component of local and regional cultural development. Kelbe joins the Heartland Arts & Culture Collective to share about her experience with the Arts & Humanities Council, and the multi-generational community organizing that have and continue to support arts and cultural growth for the Heartland. 

Aaron Crawford

Audio engineer, educator, musician

Kansas City Kansas Community College, Levitate

Aaron has watched the development of Hutchinson arts through his audio engineering and performance with the Lost Wax band at Salt City Brewing block parties. As an educator and touring musician, he is actively engaged in Kansas music and entertainment. Aaron puts his technical and media arts knowledge to work to find catalysts for empowerment of artists and arts industry professionals, within statewide cultural and economic development. Aaron is passionate about increasing access to creative and digital skills education and professional development opportunities to support the intersections of human innovation.